In the ‘Left–Overs’ (2001-2), Dunhill and O’Brien attempted to put their studio waste to good use. This work comprised of all of the ‘test pieces’, ‘mock ups’ and unused components from a 2 year period collected together and covered with thick layers of grey ‘tarmac scatter granules’ (as used for model railway scenery).

The 567 ‘dusted’ objects, which varied in size from a few centimetres to 2 meters were assembled together on a tailor made cart/display case. This collection of redundant and failed objects acted as a kind of thesaurus of sculptural dysfunction.


The Left Overs, 2001-2, Plexiglas, wood, metal, rubber, polystyrene, resin, plaster, tarmac scatter granules, H140cm x W360cm x D 180cm, photograph by Dunhill and O’Brien