In this 12 minute video work a life size image of a boulder (with a tailored blue tarpaulin*)  from the wind blown Yorkshire Dales, UK, traverses the complex, pristine, manicured, devised and historic landscape of the Ritsurin gardens.  The photographic print of the erratic rock, is seen mounted on a large stretcher, awkwardly maneuvered along various paths and scenic routes in the daimyo strolling garden during the heat and humidity of typhoon season.

The work was presented among a collection of cabinets at the Sanuki Folk House Museum which marked the start and end of the circuitous route.

* see the work Erratic

 This project was funded by Tokyo University of the Arts, with special thanks to Professor O JUN, Associate Professor Yusuke Nishimura, Yoshinori Takakura, Kenta Kawagoe